Alpha Polaris is a shipping and freight forwarder agency, located in Koper, Slovenia.

We’re big enough to aim the business but small enough to care.


Alpha Polaris Ltd. is a shipping and freight forwarder agency, located in Koper, Slovenia. A fully independent company, with a highly flexible and personal approach, big enough to aim the business but small enough to care.

We also understand that business is built on trust, and we believe that our partners deserve to have a strong, solid, and reliable working partner. As such, we always ensure our shipping solutions are tailor-made for all requirements.

Finally, we believe that such an approach will meet your highly requested requirements.



We are committed to speed and accuracy of the provided services. Our aim is to outperform according to the highest standards in the industry.


Our organizational structure is always striving towards flexibility. Scalability and adaptability within our structure improves the effectiveness of all processes.


Customer oriented staff on all levels of the group assures 24/7 support all days of the year.


Alpha Polaris Ltd. offers shipping agency and freight forwarding solutions all kind.

Our agency service provides comprehensive services clearing ships in and out of ports, including communication with customs, immigration, and other authorities. We also provide various services such as provisions, bunkering, water, waste, repairs, crew changes, medical services, cash to Master, deliveries, ships surveys etc.  In doing so, we provide around the clock service based on personal attention, accurate and timely communication.

The experience of our staff makes it possible to fulfil any work as per Ship-owners and Charterers requirements, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. All concerned parties are provided with reliable information. 

Alpha Polaris Ltd. basically serves all types of vessels carrying all types of cargo, such as general cargo, dry bulk, project cargo, RO-RO, livestock, etc. vessels under our agency load/discharge general cargoes such as steel products, aluminium products, fruit, timber products, wood pulp, pvc etc.; dry bulk cargoes, such as coal, wheat, soya, corn, salt, minerals etc.; liquid/wet cargoes such as fuel/crude oil, live animals, … .

Our freight forwarding service provides with ocean transportation for FCL (full container load) and LCL (less than container load) shipments, livestock exports, inland transportation from origin and/or to destination, preparation of documentation and assistance at customs procedure (import, export, transit), warehousing and storage, cargo insurance, arranging all local procedures with the Port of Koper, or we can meet any other business
request you might need.


Mobile: +386 (41) 671 604 (24/7)

E-mail: agency@apkp.si


Mobile: +386 (51) 391 115

E-mail: forwarding@apkp.si